The Build

Black Tail Bicycles focusses on quality, customer needs and originality.

Every bike I build is different. I would never use the same color scheme twice and will always make sure to match the bike with your specifications. Custom paint jobs are part of that originality.

A good fit is the start of a good relationship between the bike and owner. Before any parts are ordered or drawings are made, measurements will be taken. The ergonomics are a very important part of building a custom bike.

As in itself, Black Tail Bicycles is a small brand, I feel closely connected with all the indie brands out there that are coming up with amazing products. Monkeylectric, Copenhagen PartsMusguard and Green Oil are just a few of the brands I have a dealership with. These companies go for the highest quality, don’t produce in foreign countries and put much love and sweat in their products.


BTB Lo Pro frame